Special Projects/Committees

Committees have been established in the following subject areas:

  • CHURCHES..... Do you have information about the "Mother Henning Church" or any other church, past or present? Our church committee is dedicated to documenting the early religious life in our local community and the church organizations which were and still are a driving force in the community.

  • PHOTOS & POST CARDS..... Can you help us identify people and places? Do you have any old photos, or postcards, you no longer want? This committee is collecting the photos and postcards that depict the history of Wanatah, as well as social, religious, educational, business and family life. Photos and cards may be donated to the society or may be loaned to the Society to be copied and returned. In either case, a record of the past has been preserved.

    Help us identify these photos

  • SCHOOLS..... Do you have old school memorabilia in your attic? The School Committee is documenting the historical role that educational institutions have played in developing the fabric of this community and the surrounding areas.

  • ARTIFACTS..... Do you have items of the past but are not sure where they fit into the course of history? Let us help you. The Artifacts Committee is always searching for material that reflects the way of Wanatah and its past. Items of all kinds that recall and enhance the history of Wanatah are appreciated.

The Wanatah Alumni Association has been very helpful in our endeavors to preserve the history of Wanatah and the Alumni Association. With over 100 class alumni reunions, the Association is a wealth of knowledge for future generations.

Get involved!

Do you remember where old structures and businesses were located? Share your knowledge!

Have you informed your children of their history? Join in the research of your, and our, ancestors.


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