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Historic Highways

Yellowstone TrailAt the turn of the twentieth century, the Railroads were a very important transportation mode for the citizens of Wanatah. In a few years, the country was totally unprepared for the sudden appearance of the automobile and its overwhelming popularity. Soon the Yellowstone Trail would wind its way through town, and we found ourselves on the popular road that stretched from Plymouth Rock to the Puget Sound.

Lincoln HighwayAt about this same time, the Lincoln Highway was built across the northern part of LaPorte County. In 1927, the Lincoln Highway people decided to straighten out the road and make it a shorter route from coast to coast bringing it south to cross the northern edge of Wanatah.

By 1930 the Bureau of Pubic Roads and the American Association of State Highway officials joined to formulate a numbering system for the roads. It ended the named roads such as the Yellowstone Trail and Lincoln Highway; however, these names will live forever in the hearts of Wanatah Historical Society members.


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